European cities to have an express wedding

18 Jul European cities to have an express wedding

París - Travel2beWe know it. Weddings are not the best moment to think about trips. Specially if you want to share your day with family and friend. Anyway, there are couples that want something fast so, the possibility to get married in other city with just the closest is a common alternative.

3 European cities where you can get married

Paris (France): the light, love and boheme capital is the perfect place. Although Paris is expensive for almost everything, the truth is that getting married in this city is one of the cheapest alternative if you can travel just a couple of weeks.

The wedding usually includes a romantic dinner, the ceremony and even the photos. It is also common to rent the dresses. If you find a cheap flight, you can also choose some hotels like the Montmartre hotel with prices not higher than 100 euros per night.

Bucarest (Romania): The romanian capital is known because of its cheap prices and because of the curious details all over the city. You can rest in the Hotel Alexandra with the best prices. If you want to make the wedding dinner, you will find perfect offers in the casinos and hotels where you can plan a magical wedding.

It is a perfect city to find some religious and secular ceremonies and you won’t find any problem if you have all the papers.
There are many casinos in the city, so you can emmulate having a wedding in Las Vegas.

Saint Petersburg (Russia): if you are looking for a different wedding, this is your city. The imperial russian city proposes the “white nights” if you want to get married and are a foreigner in the city. You can find the midnight sun the perfect moment to get married with the passport and certificate. In just three days you can plan an express wedding.